Practical applications using computational contact mechanics José Luis Pérez-Aparicio editor

Practical applications using computational contact mechanics José Luis Pérez-Aparicio editor

The book is an outcome of the NUFRIC (Numerical Based Medium Level Training on Industrial Friction Problems) Leonardo da Vinci 2004-2006 Pilot Project which was granted by the European Community to a consortium of universities, research centres and semi-public and private training bodies including University of Granada - Coordinator (E), Leibniz University of Hannover (D), Politecnico di Torino (I), CIMNE (E), NAFEMS (UK), ENGINSOFT (I) and TCN (I).

Based on the experience of the authors in solving large-scale industrial problems, the book was designed as a complement to the companion book in the same SBE&S series A Guide for Engineers to Computational Contact Mechanics to give an easy way to step into computational contact mechanics. The book contains a worked out collection of test cases in different application areas, including civil, mechanical, and structural engineering, geomechanics, foundry processes, and rolling contact of tyres to provide a short guide for understanding the practical use of computational methods in contact mechanics.

Intended readers include PhD students and practical engineers that have to use numerical simulation tools to solve problems involving contact constraints and are willing to develop a robust background in this field.

José Luis Pérez-Aparicio, editor of the book, is currently a Professor for Aeronautics at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Spain. During the NUFRIC Project period he worked as a Research Professor for Structural Mechanics at the Universidad de Granada - Spain. He works on numerical methods applied to a range of fields, in particular active materials such as piezoelectric, civil construction, aeronautics and biomechanics of the eye.

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