mission is to create useful online engineering education resources. Our online courses are designed for engineers and researchers working in demanding environments, aiming to provide convenient, efficient, cost-effective learning and competence development.

Our continuing high education courses for engineers cover for introductive and advanced topics, at theoretical and applied levels. Available courses in english language belong to the following main areas.

Structural engineering Materials and production processes engineering Computer Aided Engineering
In this area, offers a serie of courses covering fracture mechanics, fatigue and structural integrity. The ILTOF series on fracture mechanics is available free of charge. offers a serie of courses covering metals, metallurgy and metallurgical processes: the serie starts from the basics with introductory courses about metals and alloys, aluminium and magnesium alloys, and cast iron. Other titles of the same serie discuss in detail the most common metallurgical processes (solidification, casting and welding). Furthermore, a specific course is dedicated to an innovative class of advanced materials: metal matrix composites. Courses in this area discuss the application of FEM to specific classes of engineering problems, such as computational acustics, contact mechanics, dynamics.

Moreover, we are developing a new set of courses covering multiobjective optimisation and Design of Experiment, applied to enterprise class simulation and integration tools such as modeFRONTIER. is managed by the TCN Consortium for higher education, based in Italy and partnered by FIAT Research Centre, CRS4 - Research and Development Centre in Sardinia, Bruno Kessler Foundation and EnginSoft Spa.

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