Metal Matrix Composites

The course gives an introduction to Metal Matrix Composites, in order to understand their peculiarities and potential for engineering applications. After the review of preliminary definitions, the main manufacturing processes are described, as well as the mechanical behaviour of these family of materials. Attention is then devoted to the “secondary” processes (casting, forging, extrusion, welding) suitable for MMCs and finally some significant applications are overviewed.
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Metals and alloys: an introduction

After completing this course you will:
  • understand the structure of metals in solid state
  • understand the concept of metallic alloys
  • understand the basics of metals and alloys processing
  • understand the interactions among microstructure, processing and properties of metals and alloys
  • have a basic knowledge of steels, cast irons, Aluminium and Magnesium alloys...
€ 120,00

Solidification of metals

The course gives an introduction to microstructure formation during solidification of metals. Nucleation and growth of crystals from the melt is treated and the morphology of different microstructural features such as cells and dendrites is described. Three phase reactions such as eutectic and peritectic solidification is treated. Redistribution of solute during solidification of alloys is described. Finally, some experimental techniques for studying solidification are described.

The total length of the multimedia lectures is 4 hours and 45 minutes
Free of charge

Aluminium and magnesium foundry alloys

The course aims at understanding factors important for foundry alloys, such as the freezing temperature and freezing range. Moreover it provides a path to understanding the influence of alloy on casting defects such as feeding defect, porosity defects, fluidity, hot tearing, segregation defects...
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Introduction to the design of components manufactured by casting

Course summary
The goal of the course is to give a basic understanding about engineering and industrial design of components manufactured by casting.
Overview of casting methods, usefulness and product areas. Development trends. Different manufacturing methods and their characteristics. Machine and hand-moulding, shellmoulding, lost wax methods, lost foam, high pressure die cast methods, gravity die castings, low pressure die castings, squeeze-casting and new and special casting methods...
€ 360,00

Cast iron

The goal of the course is to give a basic understanding about cast iron material and processing of cast irons.

Learning Outcomes
after the course you will possess knowledge about the following topics:
  • Characteristics of different cast iron types
  • Cast iron materials and properties with respect to processing conditions and alloy content
    • Grey irons
    • Compacted graphite cast irons
    • Ductile irons ( nodular cast iron)
    • ...
€ 288,00

Metallurgy of welding processes

Training Objectives
• Understanding the basics of welding processes
• Understanding the metallurgy of weld beads
• Understanding basics of welding modelling
• Develop a case history on welding on stainless steels...
€ 120,00
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