Introduction to the design of composite structures with ESAComp software

Author: Componeering Inc.

This online course is aimed at introducing the correct usage of the widely used composite analysis and design software ESAComp, by Componeering Inc.

Starting from the basics of materials and laminates, the online lectures guide the novice User step-by-step into the design of composite structural elements, the modelling of joints and discontinuities and all of the most common usage scenarios of the ESAComp software.

The course covers also advanced composite topics such as environment dependent material properties, probabilistic analyses, and thermal loads.

Detailed topics list:

Module 1- Materials and laminate basics (1h and 30')
  • ESAComp working environment and material database
  • Material properties for composite materials
  • Micromechanics analyses
  • Working with laminates
  • Laminate stiffness and load response
  • Failure prediction
Module 2- Structural elements (1h and 30')
  • Beams
  • Flat and curved panels
  • Stiffened panels
  • Cylindrical shells
Module 3- Laminate discontinuities and FE interfaces (1h and 30')
  • Notched laminates
  • Bonded joints
  • Mechanical joints
  • FE export to commercial FE tools
  • FE postprocessing
Module 4- Advanced laminate analyses (1h and 30')
  • Material strength sets
  • Environment dependent material properties
  • Thermal loads
  • Constant and variable load approach
  • Degraded laminate failure analysis
  • Probabilistic analyses

As part of the course tuition you will receive a 30-day access to the online high quality video lectures, and the printed course material (course slides, appr. 170 pages), shipped to you directly by Componeering. You MAY also be eligible for a 30-day evaluation license of ESAComp. To request the printed course material and evaluation license from Componeering, fill in this form.

For more information about the ESAComp software, please visit the ESAComp website

€ 216,00
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