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TCN consortium for higher education

A decade long experience in online education! is the web based training business unit of the TCN Consortium for higher education. In year 2000 EnginSoft SpA, Centro Ricerche FIAT, CRS4 and ITC IRST, together founded the TCN consortium for higher education, a privately held higher education organisation with the aim to develop training courses in engineering and a special focus on computer aided engineering, numerical methods and virtual prototyping. Since then, TCN organises short courses, mini-masters and masters in several locations in Italy.

TCN is a founding member of NAFEMS Italian Group; NAFEMS is the international association fostering the secure and reliable use of numerical simulation technologies.

In 2003 the web based training business unit was launched to expand the TCN consortium education activities to the web based training, in order to build upon the value of the consortium faculty, experience, training materials.

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