Dynamics analysis by FEM technique (with application to ANSYS and examples): an introduction

Improve.it presents this distance learning short course aimed to introduce dynamics analysis by Finite Elements Method.
The multimedia material has a total duration of 2 hours and 20 minutes: 1 hour and 50 minutes are dedicated to the explanation of the basics, while 30 minutes are spent on simple practical examples of dynamics analysis using the ANSYS FEM code (the ANSYS classic interface).

Lecturer: Roberto Gonella, senior engineer and unit manager, EnginSoft SpA (Italy)

  • Introduction
  • Single Degree of Freedom Systems
    • Potential energy
    • Kinetic energy
    • Natural frequency
  • Double Degree of Freedom Systems
    • The solution
    • Mass matrix and Stiffness matrix
  • Generalisation to Multiple Degrees of freedom Systems
    • Natural frequencies
  • Modal analysis basics
  • Common errors in evaluating natural frequencies by FEM
    • Units...
    • Test Case 1: FEM model analysis comparison with tabulated data, influence of element type
    • Test Case 2: influence of the discretisation, element type, solver
    • Test Case 3: influence of the discretisation, element type, solver
  • Mode superposition method
    • Trasformation of the problem to modal cohordinates
    • Dynamics fundamental equation
    • Solutions without and with damping
    • Example of manual calculus
  • Example of modal analysys by FEM (hands-on using ANSYS)
    • Discretisation (mesh) description
    • Simulation of an impulsive load using ANSYS
    • Comparison of ANSYS results with experimental data

The course is lectured in English language. A separate version of the same course is available in Italian language.
Training material: on-line video (lectures and examples) and printouts (30 pages).

€ 144,00